Lambda links productive businesses with those who require them (governments and institutions) in order to fulfill the historical italian delay in international organisational practice. It aims at meeting the demand for information, mediation and representation on site. It organises interviews with foreign representatives assigned to promotional activities. It also actively promotes meetings in Italy and abroad.

Lambda was born from the synergy among various professionals working together (academics, economists, managers and entrepreneurs) who have gained experience and developed relations internationally by handling projects at important firms (Enel, Eni, Acea) and arranging national and international commercial meetings.

Lambda has also carried out several marketing mix sets for the international market and its partners foster research centres on an international scale creating at the same time relationships with diplomats and organisations such as Osce, the UN and the EU with active relations with eastern and Sco countries as well as with african countries that can offer opportunities.
We are actively present in Brussels, a strategic place for demand and offer which-sadly-have been ignored so far.